Sponsor Prizes


From the beginning this event has been a big success. We invite you and your company to be part of this success. Already many individuals and companies donate or give prizes for the event. To encourage people to build the best sand sculpture and to encourage world class competition it helps to have good prizes.

There are two kinds of prizes. Stuff and money. Stuff can be ice cream, pizza, clothing, gift certificates, guidebooks, dinners, ice cream, art, massage, toys, hotel room, dinner for 2, an ad, graphic design, whatever, etc. Last year we even had an architect give 2 hours of consulting time. 300 people entered that contest so hundreds of prizes of all types are needed so everyone gets something. EVERYTHING that is donated goes to the contest and to contestants.

As of 5/10/12 we are under the auspices of a non-profit called Inter-Nation Cultural Foundation which is a global donor-direct Ca 501(c)(3) non-profit, established in 1998. All donations to INCF are tax deductible.

The Sand Festivals association with INCF means we can now take donations and you can get a break on your taxable income from the IRS. If you want to donate money instead of stuff use this form and in the “Designate my Donation” area put “Sand Festival”:


After, email or call to let us know you donated so we can immediately follow up and use it for the event. There are many sand festivals around the world and now there is one in Hawaii. The one here in Hanalei has has started getting a lot of attention and grows every year but it is nowhere near the size of sand festivals held in various states on the mainland, or in Europe or Asia. There contestants my sculpt for days on their huge sand sculptures and the prizes at these events can be more than $60,000. There is also a world championship of sand sculpting event that takes place every year and is huge but has NEVER taken place in Hawaii. Hawaii is not yet even on the roster of events leading to the World Championship.

To have that happen we need more support from the community and to create or draw more experienced sand sculptors to the islands. As an island with creative people, lots of beaches and vast stretches of sand Hawaii really should have the premier sand festival. Our goal is to host the world championship here in Hanalei someday. Finally the value to the community is huge. Kids were thrilled and parents overjoyed to get a break from the usual work. Getting people outside, together as family or working in team for exercise and relaxation is always good. The sculpture is inspiring and beautiful. The contest turned out to also be a big draw for tourists.

We get calls now from people coming to Kauai from all over the world just for the Sand Castle/Art contest. Last year thousands came to view the sand creations.  This year promises to be even bigger. The level of sponsors for the Sand Festival are separated into 2 areas: Gold Sponsor of the Sand Festival. Prizes less than $300 Platinum Sponsor of the Sand Festival. Prizes greater than $300 This year we will have a large billboard listing prize givers, prizes and winners. With the largest prizes prominently displayed. Prize sponsors will also be mentioned in press releases, announced by megaphone at the contest and have a link on our site. Last year the Sand Castle/Art contest was featured on Ho’icke television, the front page of the Garden Island and on many radio and TV stations. Last year we megaphoned out the names of sponsors of the event and this was picked up by newspapers, radio and on TV. The 300 who built sand sculptures and the many thousands of people who came to view the creations also heard the names of the sponsors. So there is also valuable media attention that comes with sponsoring the event.

Give a prize from your business to let people know about your  business. Support the event, the community and your business simultaneously. Please reply to this email and let us know when and where to pick up a prize or email or call 639 8379 if you have questions. Also contact us if you can’t give a prize but want to volunteer or help in other ways. But mainly come to build a sandcastle. Thats what its all about. Many people dream their whole life that they will build a sand castle in paradise. Let it happen this year for you, your family and friends. Mahalo Julian, Jeff and Dawn Hawaii Sand Festival and Sand Castle/Art competition. The press release is located at this url.


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