Contest Rules


Contestants are to check in and register the day of the event prior to beginning work. Contestant will receive participant sign to be staked in work area. Contestants should draw some boundaries on their working area probably near the water (above high tide line). A typical size might be 15 ft x 15 ft but could be bigger or smaller.

1) Have fun. Anything goes, you don’t need to be a pro to enter. This contest is for everyone.

2) Sand sculpture is to be made from sand and water only. No additives of any kind (sugar, flour, glue, paint, etc) may be used.

3) Hand tools  (shovels, rakes, trowels, etc) only. No mechanical tools may be used in building or carving sculpture. Sprayers to keep sand moist are acceptable. Forms and aids may be used for construction but must be removed before final judging.

4) Only objects found naturally on the beach may be used in the sculpture. “Foreign” objects found on beach may not be used. No added colors, props, objects etc.

5) Open to any age for individuals or teams. Individuals or teams. If a keiki is helped by an adult or anyone else then that is a team. Team size is unlimited. No additional “helpers” for carrying water, shoveling etc. If you are an individual then there are prizes for that. If you are part of a team then there are prizes for that.

6) Any materials brought to beach must be removed after contest. Please help keep our beaches clean.

The final judging will occur between 3:30 and 4 pm. Sculpture will be judged from one “viewable” side (back of sculpture need not be carved or finished). Viewable side established by contestant (indicated by location of participant sign).


Have a plan before starting. Pack your sand very hard and use LOTS of water. Use mounds or stacks of very wet sand then carve out the shape you want. Use deep cuts and features to add detail to the sculpture. As to theme: try to convey story in one pose – like a one panel comic strip. Combine many different ‘icons’ into a collageinstead ofhaveing one large element (ie carve a reef theme instead of a fish).

For more tips or google sand castle tips or tutorials or videos:
Check out our Facebook page or


There will be walk in registration but you can also register which gives us some advance notice by clicking and filling in this form:

Entry Form


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