Garden Island Interviews and Photos from the 2016 Contest

Nice story on the Sand Festival and Sand Sculpture Contest in the Garden Island Newspaper on Sunday with interviews and photos.
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2016 Hawaii Sand Festival is Sat. Aug. 13. Come join!

Aloha! Come, fulfill everyone’s age old dream to relax on a tropical island and build a sand castle. Build a sand sculpture with friends and family. Design and build a sculpture on your own or with a team. Use your imagination and hands to cast a castle, dolphin, mermaid, dragon, car, mountains, face, crashed cadillac, aliens or whatever and win an awesome prize. Your business can even donate a prize and be listed on this site. The music and sand sculpture contest is FREE and open to everyone of any age.

The event is from 11 am – 3 pm to the left of the Hanalei pier. Remember to bring sun block, drinking water and the whole family (a tent can also be a good sun block). You never know who you might see there. Please join us. Mahalo._K7r9z5OnUOKRak3NiBoFfjiKGrOmSTUbWNRhgHtSmo

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2015 Hawaii Sand Festival Over! 2015 Event Was Saturday Aug. 8th 11-4

kmw-cover-080515-julianmiller-1Timely article. Coco Zickos did this interview months ago and we forgot all about it till people mentioned seeing it in print today, now it’s online. Click the link below to read about the mysterious origins of the Sand Festival. The photos in the article are by the incredible photographer Kit Furderer. This years official photographer is Harneet Bajwa.

Hawaii Sand Festival and sand castle/sculpture contest coming this Saturday 11-4. Free to enter. Music. Fun. Fulfill your castle building wishes. Tell your friends.

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Looking for Sponsors for the 2015 Hawaii Sand Festival and Castle/Sculpture Contest

We have various ways to sponsor this year’s Sand Festival and Castle/Sculpture Contest taking place on Saturday August 8th at Hanalei Beach Park.

Our goal for this year is to take this event to the next level and put it on the map to attract some of the world’s best sand sculptors. We would also like to be able to provide the winner with an all-expenses paid trip for two to the US Open Sand Sculpting Championship in San Diego, September 4th – 7th (Labor Day Weekend).

In addition to the Sponsorship Levels outlined HERE, we need as much help as we can get in the forms of in-kind donations (food, prizes, etc.) and manpower leading up to and on the day of the event. Please reach out to let us know how you’d like to help!

To learn more about how you can sponsor this year’s event, CLICK HERE.

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2015 Sand Festival/Castle/Sculpture Contest is on Sat, Aug. 8th

The FREE 2015 Sand Festival and Sand Castle/Sculpture Contest will be on Sat, Aug 8th 11-4 PM this year. This event is about making something as amazing and transient as a top quarks, pions, mesons, w bozons and muons.

Mark it on the calendar. Let your friends know. Close your eyes and imagine what you will create this year. Make your plans. Architect your dream in sand. Design your amalgamation of calcium carbonate, volcanic glass and olivine particles in your mind then on paper and finally into a manifest creation with a team of your choosing at the Sand Festival. Reveal the ephemeral nature of reality for all to see. Like the forces of nature everyone is invited to come build, embellish and perhaps even demolish their magnum opus. !!!

A sand sculpture created by all these folks. Photo by Kit Furderer of

A sand sculpture created by all these folks for American Savings Bank. Photo by Kit Furderer of

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Official Sandcastle Photographer Kit Furderer’s High Resolution Photos Now Available


This year’s photographer Kit Furderer donated his talents to documenting the 2014 Sand Festival and Sand Castle/Sculpture Contest. Kit has been a professional photographer for years in Hawaii and on the mainland. His design site is KineByDesign and here is his Kauai Wedding Photographer site.

Over 100 photos of the Sand Castle Contest in high resolution are here. They are also always available in the menubar above that says  Photos (Hi-Rez).


Post Sand Festival/Sand Castle/Sculpture Contest Summary

More info on the details of winners and photos of all entries for 2014 coming soon.

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Today! Aug. 2nd 11-4 PM The Sand Festival and Sand Castle/Sculpture Contest Begins


Sandcastles, sun, music, sculptures, contests, water, kites and the bubbleman will all be to the left of the pier in Hanalei on Saturday. Come join us for fun in the sun with your family, friends on the beach in Hanalei.

Bringing someone who does not want to build a sand castle, they can bring a kite and fly it down the beach.


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Volunteers needed for Sand Festival

We need help! The contest has become a victim of its own success. In other words it’s gotten bigger and that means there is too much to do for just a few people. If you want to be a part of the event and don’t want to build anything this year please message me here from facebook. There are lots of small jobs to do. Its only a few hours on 1 day. VolunteerMahalo

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2014’s Sand Festival Date Aug. 2nd

Julian, Mayor Carvallo of Kauai and Jeff Peterson

Julian Miller, Mayor Bernard Carvallo of Kauai and Jeff Peterson

Come to the next Sand Festival and Sculpture/Castle Contest Aug. 2nd 2014.

Every year the artists, prizes and music just get better and better.

Put it in your calendar and let your friends know. If your organization is thinking of having an event on this day and it will be anywhere near the pier then please pick another date. We choose this date so as not to conflict with any other events and to reduce traffic. Mahalo!

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