4th Annual Sand Sculpture/Art/Castle Contest is ON !!!

Jeff, Dawn and Julian
Volunteers are needed as we prepare for the Sand Sculpture contest coming this Aug, 10 2013 here in Hanalei. You can help make the contest bigger, better and have fun putting on this great event.

Voluteers needed for:
* Admin – all kinds of office work.
* Postering – put up the official Hawaii Sand Festival poster. Download it here:
* Graphics/Design – posters,
* Builders – Help Jeff Peterson make one of his masterpieces. Shovel, rake, move and carve sand.
* Head of Security – person needed to help strategize on making the traffic flow smoothly on Weke Rd. and direct other people to make sure the event goes smoothly.
* Registration desk helpers
* Movers – People to help move things around.
* Promotion – help with pr and social media for the contest.
* Raise money – ask individuals and businesses for contest prizes and to grow the contests stature in the world
* Web and Facebook workers.

If you want to help then contact us and lets us know your interest.

Contact Julian by email

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