2016 Hawaii Sand Festival is Sat. Aug. 13. Come join!

Aloha! Come, fulfill everyone’s age old dream to relax on a tropical island and build a sand castle. Build a sand sculpture with friends and family. Design and build a sculpture on your own or with a team. Use your imagination and hands to cast a castle, dolphin, mermaid, dragon, car, mountains, face, crashed cadillac, aliens or whatever and win an awesome prize. Your business can even donate a prize and be listed on this site. The music and sand sculpture contest is FREE and open to everyone of any age.

The event is from 11 am – 3 pm to the left of the Hanalei pier. Remember to bring sun block, drinking water and the whole family (a tent can also be a good sun block). You never know who you might see there. Please join us. Mahalo._K7r9z5OnUOKRak3NiBoFfjiKGrOmSTUbWNRhgHtSmo

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