2018 Sand Festival Cancelled This Year Due To Change

Aloha! Due to the flooding and losing a number of key members of the crew to other islands and the mainland. We’ve decided to take a sabbatical year.

We do recommend that everyone continue to practice and grow their sand castle/sculpture building skills. Choose a good day and go out with family, friends and people you’ve met at the contest. Enjoy a good swim and create a sand sculpture to the right of Pavilion’s or by Grandpa’s.

A big mahalo for the last 7 years of delight. It has been wonderful for Jeff and I to meet so many enthusiastic builders and to see keiki growing up learning to carve sand.

After a 1 year break we will regroup and ponder future contests. Maybe to the right of Pavilions to Blackpot (which is to the left of the pier) renovation will be complete and then anything is possible, who knows….

A big Aloha to you all!!!

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