Today! Aug. 2nd 11-4 PM The Sand Festival and Sand Castle/Sculpture Contest Begins


Sandcastles, sun, music, sculptures, contests, water, kites and the bubbleman will all be to the left of the pier in Hanalei on Saturday. Come join us for fun in the sun with your family, friends on the beach in Hanalei.

Bringing someone who does not want to build a sand castle, they can bring a kite and fly it down the beach.


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Volunteers needed for Sand Festival

We need help! The contest has become a victim of its own success. In other words it’s gotten bigger and that means there is too much to do for just a few people. If you want to be a part of the event and don’t want to build anything this year please message me here from facebook. There are lots of small jobs to do. Its only a few hours on 1 day. VolunteerMahalo

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2014’s Sand Festival Date Aug. 2nd

Julian, Mayor Carvallo of Kauai and Jeff Peterson

Julian Miller, Mayor Bernard Carvallo of Kauai and Jeff Peterson

Come to the next Sand Festival and Sculpture/Castle Contest Aug. 2nd 2014.

Every year the artists, prizes and music just get better and better.

Put it in your calendar and let your friends know. If your organization is thinking of having an event on this day and it will be anywhere near the pier then please pick another date. We choose this date so as not to conflict with any other events and to reduce traffic. Mahalo!

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The 2013 Sand Castle/Sculpture Contest list of winners.

Best Overall
157 Space Cadets – Aliens and UFO

Most Technically Challenging
113 Goofy Marshmallows – Giant Sand Castle

Judges Favorite
123 Puff and Sons – Dragon

Judges Favorite
141 Hanalei Keiki Keepers – Shark with Bite

1st Place 6 Kevin Peterson – Castle
2nd Place 16 Paislee Chadderdon – Crocodile
3rd Place 1 Isabella Cerantes – Hello Kitty
Honorable Mention 21 Eva Israelson – Honu

1st Place 34 Jeffrey Peterson – Castle Keep
1st Place 35 Taegan Keep – Castle
2nd Place 33 Brett Reese – Castle
3rd Place 31 Jackson Peterson – Mac Mouse

1st Place 64 Michael Dewers – Modern ArtCastle
2nd Place 61 Laura Schroner – Cosmic Spiral
3rd Place 63 Dave Whitaker – Large Castle
Honorable Mention 65 Natasha – Mermaid and Dragon on side

1st Place 117 Birthday Rockstars – Submarine
2nd Place 127 Sparks Carvings – Mermaid on Turtle
3rd Place 135 Hippos – Hippos
Honorable Mention 136 Kapahi Goats – Centipede
Honorable Mention 124 Kasey Buick – Volkswagen Bus

Political – Sponsored by Hanalei Pizza
1st Place 145 The Kindros – GMO Free Kauai
2nd Place 156 Pack – Tanks

Environmental – Sponsored by Harvest Market
1st Place 153 Organics – GMO Pumpkin Fish
2nd Place 152 A’ole GMO – Cupcake
3rd Place 182 Team A – Trash Can

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Today ! Today ! Today !

Todays the Day! Sandcastle/Sculpture Contest and Music. 11-4 PM to the left of the pier. Its FREE. Its for everyone of all ages and abilities. Come carve sand and win prizes or just enjoy a day on the beach.

Use this blank slate for your creation.

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4th Annual Sand Sculpture/Art/Castle Contest is ON !!!

Jeff, Dawn and Julian
Volunteers are needed as we prepare for the Sand Sculpture contest coming this Aug, 10 2013 here in Hanalei. You can help make the contest bigger, better and have fun putting on this great event.

Voluteers needed for:
* Admin – all kinds of office work.
* Postering – put up the official Hawaii Sand Festival poster. Download it here:
* Graphics/Design – posters,
* Builders – Help Jeff Peterson make one of his masterpieces. Shovel, rake, move and carve sand.
* Head of Security – person needed to help strategize on making the traffic flow smoothly on Weke Rd. and direct other people to make sure the event goes smoothly.
* Registration desk helpers
* Movers – People to help move things around.
* Promotion – help with pr and social media for the contest.
* Raise money – ask individuals and businesses for contest prizes and to grow the contests stature in the world
* Web and Facebook workers.

If you want to help then contact us and lets us know your interest.

Contact Julian by email

Like to swim? Check out the Hanalei Bay Swim Challenge

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Date set for Sand Festival in 2013

The Free to All 2013 Sand Festival will be held on Saturday, August 10th, 2013 11 – 4 PM to the left of the Hanalei pier.

Heres a photo from the 2012 event.

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Hi rez photos from Sara Wall now available

2012 official photos of the sand festival by Sara Wall are here. If you publish these please credit Sara Wall.

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List of Winners of the Sand Castle/Art Contest – Congratulations

High rez photos of all the sand creations coming soon.You can find more info on our Facebook page.

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2012 Hawaii Sand Festival, Contest and Music!

Jeff Peterson and Julian Miller at the 2011 Event

Cost: Free
Prizes: Over $5000
Who’s It For: Everyone
Date: Saturday, Aug 11th, 2012
Time: 11:00am – 4:00pm
Location: To the left of the Hanalei pier, to the right of Pavilions on Kauai
City/Town: Hanalei, HI

Take a free lesson on sand creations from world renowned sand sculptor Jeff Peterson at 11:30 AM. Learn how the pros create those amazing castles.

Please Download Print & Post this Rockin Sand Festival Event Poster

Everyone is invited to come to this FREE event and build their own sand castle or sand art to win lots of PRIZES. Individuals or teams of any size are all welcome to create their vision and enjoy a day at the beach as sand artists. Prizes will be awarded to the top entries and as many keikis as possible. For keikis (kids), young and old, beginners, artists and sand sculptors.

Realize your creative vision, get exercise, and work together with others. Prizes will be awarded for different age groups, individuals, teams and types of art. Take a break and enjoy the sand, surf and sun with family and friends. Bring your own shovels, pails, tools, molds, sprayers (very helpful) for sculpting sand. Make sure to bring your own hat or shade, sunscreen, food, drinking water and a squirt gun to help your friends cool off.

Not into sand castles? Feel free to fly a kite further down the beach. Thats beauty too. Its all about being with ohana, working with the ‘aina and spreading aloha.

Work by yourself or in teams.

Schedule of events:
11:00 Free registration and start of the event.
11:30 Free lesson by world renowned sand sculpture and teacher Jeff Peterson.
3:30 Final judging.
4:00 Awards ceremony and Prizes

Competitive divisions:
Keiki under 12
Youth 12-17
Adults 17-infinity
Teams (including families)

Prizes from Sponsors (to be announced) Anyone can give whatevers.

Contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a prize for this event. If you want to help, want to give a prize (gift card from stores or individuals) or have suggestions please contact us: 808 639 8379 or fill out this form.

Please click and fill out this feedback and entry form. <————–

Click on the images below to see full sized.

How to get there (location).

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